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Donna has been a massage practitioner since 1994, specializing in Bowen Therapy.  In addition to the Bowen Technique, she has taken classes in Swedish massage; OrthoBionomy; Soft Tissue Release, Myofascial Bodywork; Alexander Technique; plus other related courses while keeping up with her continuing education.   She trained in the Bowen Technique with Ozzie and Elaine Rentsch (a couple who worked with Tom Bowen in his clinic in Australia) and Milton Albrecht (the man who brought Bowen Therapy to the United States). 

Shortly, after moving here from the Bay Area, Donna discovered Bowen Therapy while searching for relief from her own pain caused by old injuries sustained in an auto accident that were exacerbated by stress.  In a very short period of time, the pain (and some of her other health challenges unexpectedly) subsided.  The pain relief and stress management facilitated by Bowen Therapy made a world of difference in her life.

Since then, Donna and Bowen Therapy have made a difference in the lives of many who have suffered with pain and a wide variety of physical challenges.  Mostly, her clients have been referred by others who have had good results.  Clients have come to the Sacramento Area from as far away as Washington, Oregon, Nevada and San Francisco in search of relief.  (You can read about some of them in the “Testimonials”.)

A number of doctors appreciate this results oriented alternative and have entrusted their patients to Donna for rehabilitation and palliative care. Besides referring patients for Bowen Therapy, they have utilized this option for their own pain relief and stress management as well as recommended it to their staff and family members.   The highest compliment a client can give is the referral of family, friends and colleagues.

Donna is committed to the care of her clients and making a difference in their quality of life.

A. Moore, DDS
Roseville, CA
I am a Pediatric Dentist and have been practicing this specialty of dentistry since 1963.  Over the years, I had developed the occupational slump, and the neck and back fatigue common to dental             practitioners.  However, in 1996, I began to experience an alarming and progressive problem with my left arm, wrist and hand.  My arm ached constantly.  I could not sleep on my left side, and my left hand was becoming extremely weak.  When numbness developed in my wrist, left ring finger and little finger, I began to earnestly seek medical consultation.  For a year and a half, I went through exhaustive medical testing and treatment including comprehensive x-rays, two bone scans, two MRIs, tests for arthritic and endocrine problems, two neurological tests for nerve conduction and muscle reactivity.  I went through two long courses of physical therapy. 

First I was seen by my Family Physician, who referred me to an Orthopedic Specialist, who referred me to a Rheumatologist and to the Neurologists, as well as for Physical Therapy.  The doctors placed me on steroids and six other medications specific to joint and muscle pain and arthritis.  None of these attempts at diagnosis revealed what the source of my problem was, or helped my symptoms in the slightest.  I was becoming progressively unable to perform my work, was in constant pain, and extremely worried.  The medical doctors were puzzled and had no recommendation, other than pain medications, wrist braces and limited activity.

An acquaintance, who was recovering from auto accident injuries, referred me to Donna Davis.  I was very skeptical but was willing to try anything.  The first two treatments made me feel relaxed and more energetic, and I returned to Donna for these benefits, not expecting anything more.  After about 5 treatments at one-week intervals, the numbness and aching began to improve, and I was amazed.

After about 6 months of Bowen Therapy at weekly or two-week intervals, I was virtually free of symptoms.  I am able to work and sleep in comfort, and the hump in my shoulders and neck has noticeably diminished to the astonishment of my family.  Needless to say, I plan to continue my Bowen Therapy with Donna indefinitely, spacing maintenance treatments as I feel I need them.

This was my first experience with any “alternative medicine” method, and it was only after exhaustive efforts with traditional Western medical therapies.  I do not have an understanding of how it has worked for me.  I can only say that it has worked, and wonderfully well.  I am extremely grateful to have discovered Bowen Therapy and Donna Davis, and can recommend it and her without reservation.

P. Marshall
Palo Alto, CA
Pat arrived for a Bowen Session in so much back pain that she was unable to walk and her husband brought her to Donna’s office in a wheel chair.  After the treatment, she was able to walk out on her own which convinced her husband that Bowen Therapy was pretty remarkable.  Pat had a few follow up sessions and they both come in on an “as needed” basis.
I. Oliver
North Highlands, CA
"I was in an auto accident in which my back was broken.  Because of the severity of my injuries, the doctors said I would never walk again.  Through pure grit and determination I have been able to walk; however, severe pain has been my constant companion.

I have suffered acute, chronic pain in my upper and lower back, hips, legs and head, along with limited range of motion; and the poor circulation produced numbness in my arms, legs and feet.  All this resulted in sleeping difficulties which made me tired, irritable and ‘foggy headed’.  I was discouraged and depressed because I thought I would be this way the rest of my life.

To my delight, the kindness of a friend changed that!  She took me to Donna for Bowen Therapy.  Surprisingly, after just two sessions, the pain has subsided considerably and the numbness is gone from my legs and feet.  I am sleeping much better and have more energy.  I’ve also noticed that my thinking is clearer and my nerves have improved.

I will continue with the treatment plan Donna suggested for my situation:  4-6 Bowen sessions 1 week apart (depending on my progress); 2 Bowen treatments 2 weeks apart;1 treatment 3 weeks later; and maintenance once every 4-6 weeks to keep my body balanced.

It is wonderful to wakeup in the morning without pain after having a good night of sleep!  I am so grateful for Bowen Therapy, for Donna, and for my friend who introduced me to them"!

E. Offutt
North Highlands, CA
"About 10 years ago, I was suddenly struck with vertigo.  I was so dizzy I couldn’t move, and was taken to the hospital by ambulance.  After many tests and a week in the hospital, the doctors sent me home because they couldn’t find any reason for the vertigo.

I went to a chiropractor hoping an adjustment might help; but the dizziness was as bad as before.  I tried everything anyone mentioned and nothing helped until I heard about Donna Davis and Bowen Therapy.

After two Bowen sessions with Donna, the vertigo was gone!  I am 84 years old now and continue to have Bowen Therapy for maintenance because it keeps the vertigo at bay and it makes me feel so much better, mentally and physically.  It just gives me such sense of well being and I highly recommend Bowen Therapy."

A. Schudy
Sacramento, CA
"In 1995, I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome; Fibromyalgia was diagnosed in 1998.  I was unable to work, had muscle and joint pain throughout my body, and was suffering from constant migraines, respiratory problems, muscle spasms, and many other symptoms.  Frequently, I had to use crutches or a cane to get around.  I tried many different things:  acupuncture, reflexology, physical therapy, and several products claiming to help with joint and muscle pain.  Unfortunately, I either had adverse reactions or none at all.

With the first treatment I received from Donna, I noticed a change in my body and felt what it was like to have some kind of relief.  As a person who suffers with chronic pain, this was huge!  A lot of times, I would come in on crutches or a cane; and after my treatment, I could walk out on my own. 

As I continued going to Donna for Bowen Therapy, I was pleased to experience even more relief.  In time, my joints felt more secure and I was able to include exercise.  I was able to strengthen my body, return to work, and enjoy activities again - including sports.

There’s only one person I call when I have a bad flare-up or relapse - and that’s Donna!  I have gone to other facilities for chiropractic or sports treatment from time to time, but none of them have ever been as effective as Bowen Therapy has been for me. 

I don’t even want to think of where I would be or what I would feel like without the assistance of this extremely beneficial treatment.  Bowen Therapy will be a part of the rest of my life and I thank Donna for helping me to have a better quality of life for the last 13 years."

S. Peterson
Spokane, WA
When Sandy came for Bowen Therapy, she was scheduled to have surgery.  In a skiing accident, she had sustained a neck injury that caused limited mobilization and constant pain.  She was here for a visit and was encouraged by her mother to make an appointment with Donna.  With some skepticism, the dutiful daughter followed through; and upon returning home, happily cancelled her scheduled surgery.  She had a follow-up treatment two weeks later, and was able to return to her normal activities.

G. Anderson
San Francisco, CA
Greg was a week away from playing in a golf tournament with friends in Hawaii when he woke up one morning with so much  pain in his right shoulder he couldn’t raise his arm.  Panicked at the thought of having to cancel his flight and not being able to play in the tournament, he called Donna for an emergency Bowen treatment and didn’t think twice about having to drive 4 hours - 2 hours to Sacramento and 2 hours back.  A few days later, he was much improved but didn’t want to take a chance; so he called to see if he could get another Bowen Therapy session.  So he spent another 4 hours on the road to Sacramento and back. His story had a happy ending - He played in the tournament in Hawaii and had a great time!

T. Larsen
Roseville, CA
Ted, an active 50+ year old, had a torn rotator cuff and had been advised to have surgery.  He’d  already had surgery a few years earlier on the left arm and knew what he would have to go through and the recovery time it would take.  He had heard about Donna and decided to try Bowen Therapy, knowing that he could always have surgery if this didn’t work for him.  Ted had a treatment a week for six weeks and with each session saw improvement.  He progressed to two-week intervals for a month; then every third week and continued maintenance once every 4-6 weeks - just because it made him feel better.
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